Stefan A. Kirk, Esq.


An attorney licensed in Indiana since 2006, who’s practice and passion focuses on merger and acquisition transactions, and who has experience with such transactions in a broad base of businesses, including medical, legal and financial professionals, and industries such as construction, manufacturing, engineering,  restaurants, logistics, insurance, retail, security, IT support and software development. 

David J. Lekse, Esq.


An attorney and former CPA, licensed to practice law in Indiana since 2002, whose focus is on estate planning, business law, and commercial real estate, and who has experience with a wide range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and construction

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We understand that our success as professionals and our personal satisfaction depends, ultimately, on maximizing outcomes for our clients.  We take pride and joy in helping you and your business grow, and helping you protect the business and resources you’ve earned.  

It is difficult to standout in a crowd – in any given profession or industry – but our firm strives each day to provide legal services of the highest quality and stands out in our efforts to bring practical decision making to complex legal problems.  We have each worked for different firms before forming this firm and have brought the best of those experiences with us and added to that our personal preferences on how to interact with clients, other professionals and, frankly, our families.  It is our hope that you, the client or potential client, benefit from our experiences and professionalism in all that we do.